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SISPO Impermeabilizaciones Especiales
  For 25 years on, our aim revolves around the same idea: Serving efficiency our costumers.

  According to this philosophy, we develop our products thanks to a severe investigation, giving specific and suitable solutions to each problem.

  As specialists in injection resin, we offer a wide and effective range of products to protect and repair buildings as well as civil engineering and industrial installations.


Crack repair Curtain injection Joint sealing Surface sealing Main repairing
Crack repair  
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Foundation waterproofing Building waterproofing Pavements and facades Soil stabilization Constructive joint sealing
Foundation waterproofing  
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  The boat "SISPO" has been imposed in the second match Commodore Trophy......

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  FN 2100 is a viscoelastic compound that ensures a complete and permanent sealing on tubes or mains. Stops water from rain or from the soil, on the other hand stops gas emissions and it is completely inert (does not affect neither the conduction nor the cable ). It could be even used to stop water or gas emissions......

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FN 2100 
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